Saturday, February 16, 2019

Did You Know?

The Calgary International Airport is changing, can you keep up with everything that’s going on?  Our airport is undergoing a massive expansion  that will effectively double the size of the airport as it stands today.  Get to know the current airport and the expansion by  looking at the information below. You might be surprised at what all you can learn. 

Existing Terminal

  • We currently have 135 shops, restaurants, and services from which to choose
  • There is a moon rock inside SpacePort on the mezzanine level (seriously) 
  • The Information Desk on Arrivals stores luggage
  • We have an on-site hotel: Delta Calgary Airport Hotel 
  • There are seven car rental companies at YYC 
  • Anyone can access the computers at the UPS store on Arrivals level for a small fee 
  • YYC has 4,643 parking stalls 
  • YYC’s total land area is 21.36 square kilometres 
  • Agricultural land at YYC total 3.37 square kilometres
  • The Air Terminal Building Gross Floor Area (before IFP) is 142,398 square metres
  • YYC is Canada’s third busiest airport with 14.3 million passengers in 2013
  • 17 kilometres separate Downtown Calgary and The Calgary International Airport 
  • The City of Calgary is 1084 metres above sea level

International Facilities Project

  • Building excavation has been completed with 500,000 m3 of earth removed. 
  • 85,000 tonnes of gravel has been placed for the base floor slabs. 
  • 590 km of radiant tubing has been installed (95% of the total estimated 620 km). 
  • Over 6.9 million person hours worked by crews to date (October, 2014). 
  • New IFP will add 22 new aircraft gates for International and U.S. destinations. 
  • IFP once completed will harvest 500,000 litres of rainwater to be used for flushing low-flow plumbing fixtures 
  • IFP construction will divert 75% of waste from landfill 
  • Includes geothermal ground source energy heating and cooling 
  • New Baggage Handling System has the capacity to process 4,000 bags per hour 
  • New Baggage Handling System conveyor line is a total of nine kilometres long  
  • New Baggage Handling System consumes 60% less energy than a traditional conveyor system