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Clearing the air on post-security regulations for staff

Did you know that YYC Crew and Team YYC are able to visit the post security retail locations in Concourses A, B, C and D? As of November 21, 2016, Transport Canada’s “need and right” protocol was revised to allow airport staff, who are at work, the option to shop and dine at YYC’s post-security retail and food and beverage offerings.

Frequently asked questions:

     Which post-secure areas can employees access?

  •  Concourses A, B & C: Domestic

  •  Concourse: D International

    Which areas and shops and/or services are off limits?

  •  All shops and/or services in Concourse E: U.S./Transborder (unless you are working in Concourse E)

  •  All Duty Free locations

    Who can access post secure areas?

  • On-Duty Red RAIC holders

  • On Duty Green “Escort Required”

  • On Duty Yellow “Search Required” Pass holders

  • “Escort required” pass holders must be escorted by a valid RAIC holder at all times.

  • “Search Required” pass holders are allowed to be unescorted in the sterile area (anywhere passengers are allowed) 

Can I go for lunch and/or purchase an item from a store that is post-security?

Yes. It is your right while at work and when on a break to visit the approved post-secure retail locations.

Can I see a travelling loved one off post-security?

No, seeing off loved ones is not work-related, which does not fall under need and right.

What’s the difference between shaking a guest’s hand and hugging a friend?

We understand that when working at a busy international airport it is inevitable that you will run into friends or family within the sterile area. As long as you are not actively trying to meet up with someone you know or creating work in a concourse to visit a travelling friend or family member, there are no issues.

Can I bring a guest a Tim Hortons from pre-security for a surprise and delight initiative?

No, all items being sold post-security have gone through specific security regulations in order for them to be provided to passengers within the sterile area. When airport staff enter the Restricted Area we do not go through the same level of screening as guests. Although it may be a nice guest experience idea it is a violation of the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations.


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