Sunday, May 26, 2019

#WhiteHatWednesday: Wendy

General Manager, Concorde Services

Each #WhiteHatWednesday, we will highlight one of the awesome members of Team YYC. This week, read on to learn more about Wendy, General Manager of Concorde Services.

Wendy, who has been the General Manager of Concorde Services for seven years is a busy lady - she oversees 650 employees who provide cleaning, maintenance and customer service to YYC Calgary International Airport.

Despite her jam-packed days, you might still find Wendy at work at 5 a.m. just to connect with her team.

"People feel great if management makes an extra effort and they feel appreciated," says Wendy.

Outside of work Wendy enjoys travelling to sunny destinations, reading Margaret Atwood and cooking vegetarian dishes.

Do you know someone on Team YYC who goes above and beyond in their job that should be featured for an upcoming #WhiteHatWednesday? Leave us a comment below or email!


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