Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Formerly known as Service Superstars, #WhiteHatWednesday highlights the awesome members of Team YYC. Do you know someone  who goes above and beyond in their job that should be featured for an upcoming #WhiteHatWednesday? Leave us a comment or email yyccommunications@yyc.com! 

#WhiteHatWednesday: Tyson
TeamYYC Admin

#WhiteHatWednesday: Tyson

Curbside Ambassador

We're starting a new feature on Team YYC today. Each #WhiteHatWednesday, we will highlight one of the awesome members of Team YYC. This week, read on to learn more about our Curbside Ambassador Tyson.

Before joining Team YYC as a Curbside Ambassador at YYC Calgary International Airport, Tyson spent much of his 28 years displaced in his home country of Myanmar.

"This is my home now," says Tyson. His plans for the future include working hard at YYC and saving enough money to set up a school and clinic for orphans back in Myanmar. "My goal is to give back and help others so that they have opportunities like I did."

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