Wednesday, October 18, 2017



In anticipation of the opening of Calgary International Airport's (YYC) new International Terminal, we are excited to announce that The Calgary Airport Authority is offering various training programs, and all members of Team YYC are invited to take part. Team YYC members are now able to register to attend one or more courses that will teach the fundamentals of the new terminal.  For more information about how to register for these specialized courses, please speak with your supervisor.

In addition to job-specific courses, all Team YYC members will be required to take part in a Pre-Flight Training course called International Terminal 101. This is a 2.5-hour, instructor-led session in the new terminal, highlighting all new, leading-edge systems and processes. This course will be offered starting on July 18 and will run until September 30. Please register for International Terminal 101 through your supervisor.