Sunday, May 26, 2019

YYC Calgary International Airport by the (fun) numbers

Curious about the number of Timbits it takes to power our White Hat Team, or the length of the International Terminal Building in football fields? Look no further - this post has got you covered.

White Hat Volunteers

Our White Hat Volunteers are a true testament to Calgary's warm western hospitality. For 25 years the White Hat Volunteers have greeted travellers from around the world with a smile.

Here's the White Hat Team by numbers for 2018:

  • Close to 500 volunteers.
  • 94,000 volunteer hours logged.
  • Over 200 meet and assists.
  • Almost 1,500 White Hat ceremonies.
  • Powered by 150 Timbits a day - thanks to generous donations by HMS Host, that's almost 55,000 Timbits per year!


YYC Calgary International Airport has one of the most sophisticated baggage handling systems in the world. This system provides us with a lot of information on each and every bag and where it is at any given time.

We are expanding the system from 16 kilometres up to just over 18 kilometres, and we continue to make improvements regularly to provide a great guest experience.

  • A busy day at YYC will see approximately 30,000 bags handled by our systems.
  • We have three dedicated individuals working to manage a contract of 74 others to keep the system running smoothly.

New runway

  • Opened in 2014.
  • Longest in Canada at 14,000 feet long (38 football fields).
  • First runway in Canada to use 100 per cent LED lighting.

Air traffic control tower

  • Tallest free-standing tower in Canada at over 300 feet high!

International Terminal Building

  • Opened October 2016.
  • Span of two million square feet (34 football fields).
  • 24 new gates for International and U.S. destinations.
  • Baggage system can process 8,000 bags an hour.
  • 10 kilometres of baggage handling.

Do you have any more "fun" numbers? Share in the comments below!




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