Sunday, May 26, 2019

The signage survey says... Option 1

The public and Crew set the new direction for wayfinding.

We recently went to our public on social media to get their first impressions on which of two signage options is more appealing to the eye.

On both Facebook (566 responses) and Instagram (270 responses), the overwhelming majority (85%) liked option 1 better.

We also received 25 Crew responses on the Hub through Survey Monkey and 437 responses on a recent passenger survey, which also included the Accessibility Committee, White Hatters and the Terminal Operations Committee (TOC). Option 1 was also picked as the number one choice on both surveys.

"Needless to say, option 1 is the one we're moving forward with," said Debbie Stahl, Director, Customer Care. "Surveying the public not only helps us pick the best choice but engages our audience on increasing their guest experience."

Stay tuned for more updates on YYC's new wayfinding system in the upcoming months.


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