Tuesday, April 23, 2019

YYC Firehall Vision

On May 31, the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) will pass the “axe” to Pro-Tec Fire Services of Canada, ULC (Pro-Tec) after 105 years of service at YYC Calgary International Airport.

This transition is part of our long-term vision to grow beyond a regional airport and become a global player,” says Bob Sartor, President & CEO “The shift is a step towards the North Star, as YYC continues to provide world-class fire services to the larger airport community and guests.”

With safety always being our first priority, YYC has the opportunity to rethink emergency services at the airport; driving value to our airline partners, the airport community and our guests.

“Something that stood out among Pro-Tec’s proposal was the focus on community spirit that extends beyond the firehall,” says Bob. The future vision of the firehall is one of inclusivity with YYC seeking to include Pro-Tec in YYC Crew and community events as well as for Pro-Tec to host a yearly firehall open house.

“YYC is a sum of parts not an individual collection, and while Pro-Tec staff are not Calgary Airport Authority employees they are an extension of our brand and promise,” says Chris Miles, Vice President, Operations.

YYC is the largest international airport in Canada to outsource its fire services to a contractor that specializes in aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF). “Pro-Tec will be hand-in-hand with us as we prepare for emergencies through drills, tests and response evaluations,” says Chris. “Overall, YYC is challenging the traditional approach to ARFF, and other Canadian airports are looking to us as an industry leader and in turn, we are looking to share our expertise with other airport communities.”

“As an airport, we are constantly seeking to improve and in the interests of constant learning and sharing, I expect Pro-Tec to look at best practices from around the world and to bring that to the airport,” says Bob.

Attached is a Firehall Transition Fact Sheet that shows Crew what’s happening currently with CFD and what the future looks like with Pro-Tec. It also introduces Sean Curtis, General Manager, Emergency Response Services, and Sylvain Theriault, YYC Fire Chief, Pro-Tec Fire Services. Stay tuned for an upcoming article introducing them both in more detail.

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