Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The cello that was treated with TLC

Customer Care recently received an uplifting guest experience story. Christopher, who was travelling from YYC, inserted a note (below) into his cello case requesting security officials take tender loving care of his precious cello while inspecting it:

"Hello, and than you for choosing this cello for additional security scrutiny. I know you must be very busy right now, but please take the time to handle this delicate musical instrument with care. If you wish to inspect the interior of the hard-shell case, you will find clothing has been used as an insulator. You can inspect the interior of the instrument by shifting the shirts used to protect the centre. Please make sure the leather strap across its neck is fastened at all times, and if you could take the time to replace protective packaging that you remove during inspection, know that I would very much appreciate it. As security is everyone's responsibility, I fully recognize your need to examine this instrument. I hope that you may recognize my desire to use it to put a smile on some peoples faces where I'm travelling, and the fact that I can't do that if it suffers too much damage while in your care. Wishing you a very pleasant day, Christopher."

After Christopher landed at his destination and unpacked his musical instrument, he was surprised to discover a personal note from the CATSA screener written on the inspection slip (below):

“Keep up the smiles. I hope I put everything back ok.” – Fellow musician

“This is such an excellent example of what a difference can be made when processes are treated with a human touch,” says Debbie Stahl, Director, Customer Care.


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