Sunday, May 26, 2019

#WhiteHatWednesday: Joel

Information Centre Customer Care Ambassador

Each #WhiteHatWednesday, we highlight one of the awesome members of Team YYC. This week, read on to learn more about Joel, Information Centre Customer Care Ambassador.

Joel has worked in the hospitality industry for over a decade and has spent the last two years at the airport “making moments memorable”.  As a customer care ambassador at the information centre he spends his days engaged with guests who need a little TLC and even those who don’t!

“People are rushing and there is a lot of anxiety,” says Joel, “and helping people brightens my day.” 

On his days off, Joel loves communing with nature and attending church.

Do you know someone on Team YYC who goes above and beyond in their job that should be featured for an upcoming #WhiteHatWednesday? Leave us a comment below or email!


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