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Team YYC Employee Parking Upgrade Program
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Team YYC Employee Parking Upgrade Program

We are pleased to offer the Team YYC Employee Parking Upgrade Program beginning December 1, 2018. The upgrade will enable eligible Team YYC employees currently parking in one of the employee parking lots to park in P1 or P2 Long Term; between levels 2 to 7 for the duration of the upgrade Term.

How it works:

Company Pay: If the employer is paying for the employee’s upgrade then we require the employer to jointly sign this form with the employee for the upgrade and make payment arrangements prior to activation.

Self-Pay or Individual Pay: In the event the Employee will pay their own parking upgrade, then the Employee will be the only signature required as they are personally responsible for their parking upgrade.

In both cases: The base billing for the base parking amount continues. The payment for the parking upgrade is in addition to base billing.

Payment : The upgrade cost of $200 per month is billable monthly via automatic credit card payment. Upgrade costs are in addition to the base level parking payment already currently being made. Payments will be withdrawn on the 1st of each month, for the previous month upgrade. In the event the Employer is paying for their Employee upgrade (in addition to base parking), then the Employer will receive a separate invoice for the upgrade in addition to the invoice sent for basic parking.

Declined credit card:  in the event a credit card is declined for payment, the employee will be notified via email and their parking revoked within two business days. Please ensure your credit card information is accurate, and in good standing to avoid disruptions in access.

Termination: This program allows for the employee to park in P1 or P2 Long Term parking from December 1, 2018 until the upgrade is cancelled. Cancellations must be made through the parking office during opening hours, and be signed and returned to the parking office. The Authority reserves the right to cancel an employee’s upgrade if that employee breaches any of the parking policies, or terms and conditions of the program.

Access: Parkade access will be issued on employee RAICs by the Parking Administrator.  Employees without a RAIC will be issued a Proxy Card.

Refund Policy;

Refunds will only be available if cancellation occurs prior to the 15th of the month, otherwise no refund will be provided.

Automatic billing will stop after the last month of use is paid for. 

Cancellation requests must be made in person and in writing during opening hours at the parking office.

No refunds will be provided unless a cancellation request is both signed and received by the parking office during opening hours.

Eligibility: This offer is limited to Team YYC members currently parking in employee parking with good standing on their employee parking lot account.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

Parking in P1/P2 is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Employee Parking Permit Application, which must be completed and returned in order to participate in the upgrade program.

Any motor vehicle parked on Airport Premises shall be solely at the risk of the owner and the operator. The Calgary Airport Authority shall not be liable for any damage occasioned to any such motor vehicle, the operator, other occupant thereof or any person unless such damage has resulted from the negligence of the servant or agent of the Calgary Airport Authority acting in the course and within the scope of this person's employment.

Once an employee upgrades his or her parking, the Calgary Airport Authority cannot guarantee that the employee can return to the parking lot they were previously parking in before they upgraded their parking.

The Calgary Airport Authority reserves the right to decline an employee parking upgrade request, and to cancel the upgrade program at any time.

The Calgary Airport Authority reserves the right to deny the employee’s re-entry into the original parking lot if that employee cancels their parking upgrade.

Parking upgrades are subject to limited availability.

Thank you,

Parking & Ground Transportation Team

Calgary Airport Authority

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