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Single-use plastics ban at YYC in effect
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Single-use plastics ban at YYC in effect

In an effort to reduce our landfill waste by 58 per cent by 2026, The Authority is proactively working with commercial and retail tenants to ban single-use plastics at YYC. While the federal government banned the domestic manufacturing and import, YYC has outright banned these products altogether from our facility. To read the full regulations, visit the Government of Canada’s website.  

What else are we doing to reduce landfill waste? 

A major challenge in reducing landfill waste is helping people sort their waste as easily as possible. To ease sorting decisions, we’ve outlined four distinct waste streams in all public areas with refreshed signage. You may have seen the installation of new decals throughout the terminal that’s already improving composting and recycling initiatives.

Except for the curb and in-terminal washroom, the following waste streams are now available:  

  1. Compost (green decals) 
  2. Cans/bottles (yellow decals) 
  3. Garbage (black decals) 
  4. Recycling (blue decals) 

All our bins are getting a colourful facelift that looks like this: 

How will we measure up?

We’ve gotten positive feedback from guests in-terminal that the choices are much clearer. Going forward, we’ll be able to benchmark our composting and recycling results compared to the audit we conducted on Dec. 1, 2022 and our long-term waste trends (available online in our Sustainability Strategy)

Please note: the bins are in a transition period, not all bins are decaled yet or have the appropriate bag insid

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