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Stay alert with (emergency) alerts
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Stay alert with (emergency) alerts

Here at YYC, we use (x)Matters, which is YYC’s mass-notification system that is primarily used to alert the airport community including: YYC staff, airlines, tenants, government agencies and contractors, when emergencies or irregular operation (IROP) events are taking place.

Now is a good time to login to your (x)Matters account and ensure you are subscribed to the notifications you wish to receive. If you don’t remember how to login, or have misplaced your User ID or password, please email The (x)Matters User Guide can be found on The Source and will assist you with setting up your account.

Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued to warn people about potential risks to their health and safety. By signing up to receive this information directly, you will be better informed and better prepared. You can follow Alberta Emergency Alert on Twitter @AB_EmergAlert​, download their app, or visit for more information.

Additionally, you can find further details from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA), Alberta's agency leading and overseeing all emergency and disaster prevention, preparedness and responses.

Alert Ready is Canada’s warning system to help you and your family stay informed and safe during an emergency or disaster. Alert Ready is not only be able to send critical alerts through TV, cable, satellite, and radio, but also through some cellular phones.

These alerts come from local emergency officials. If you receive an alert, you should take the appropriate action safely, especially if you receive the alert while driving. You will receive test alerts on your wireless phone when we test the system. To learn more about Alert Ready or to check your phone’s compatibility, visit

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