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Updated mandatory vaccinations status of non-passengers at YYC
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Updated mandatory vaccinations status of non-passengers at YYC

Summary: Effective Nov. 15, employees, contractors, Team YYC-invited visitors and media must carry proof of vaccination.

The Authority is adding COVID-19 prevention safety measures in response to updated regulatory requirements.

Effective November 15, 2021, all YYC Crew and Team YYC making application for a restricted area identity card (RAIC) will be required to provide proof of vaccination or a valid approved medical or religious exemption.

The requirement to provide proof of vaccination or a valid exemption also applies to visitors seeking to enter the restricted area using a temporary pass. CATSA will be monitoring and randomly selecting non-passengers at all checkpoints to verify proof of vaccination.

It is the responsibility of the person issuing the visitor pass to confirm proof of vaccination.

Further, anyone on-site at YYC in a work-related capacity who may be interacting with guests or YYC employees, such as media in public areas, must also be prepared to provide proof of vaccination upon request. 

Employees, contractors and their invited visitors and media must carry proof of vaccination or exemption and identification at all times. Please note: YYC will not be accepting Transport Canada’s Partially Vaccinated Exemption Request form.

As per the Operational Advisory distributed on Nov. 7, at YYC Calgary International Airport includes the following locations:

  • Domestic and International Terminal buildings
  • All buildings forming part of them (including hotels)
  • Non-passenger screening (NPS) checkpoints
  • Any non-passenger vehicle screening checkpoints located at YYC
  • Car rental centres
  • Taxi staging area
  • Fire stations/halls
  • Restricted Area (which includes the parts inside and outside the buildings and includes Perimeter Security Line Partners who access the Restricted Area)
  • Any place at YYC and on airport lands where an employee or contractor is likely to have face-to-face interaction with anyone who has a valid boarding pass
  • Any location where the direct conduct or support of activities related to the operation of commercial flights takes place, including:
    • aircraft refuelling services
    • aircraft maintenance and repair
    • baggage handling
    • supply services to YYC, an air carrier or NAV CANADA
    • runway and taxiway maintenance
    • de-icing services


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