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What's the number for 911?
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What's the number for 911?

Summary: Kicking off Emergency Preparedness Week with a refresher.

To acknowledge Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada from May 1 to 7, we have a week’s worth of content coming your way to keep you on your toes. To start the week off, we have an important annual reminder for Team YYC: When to call 911.  

At the airport, 911 is the number to call anytime you have an EMERGENCY requiring an ambulance, the fire department, or police. Always call 911 when a life is at stake. 911 is the fastest way to get the help you need.  In a true emergency:

  1. Dial 911 and stay on the phone.
  • If there is someone else with you, have that person call the Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) at 403-735-1300 (option 5), advise that 911 is being called and provide details.
  • If you are by yourself, call the IOC once 911 advises you to hang up.
  1. Use plain language and be specific (Airside, Terminal, Level, Gate Pre-Security, Post-Security, etc.). 911 does not know airport terminology.
  2. The IOC will coordinate the location emergency responders need to respond to as well as coordinate escorts.

Call 911 for the following emergencies:

  1. Medical
  2. Fire
  3. Police

Call 911, for medical emergencies:

  • Compromised airway or breathing.
  • Severe or uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Chest pains.
  • Change of consciousness.

EMS medics in the airport can only be dispatched by calling 911. Alberta Health Services (AHS) always dispatches an ambulance and airport EMS medics when someone needs medical attention and transportation to the hospital. 

Call 911, for fire department:

  • Fires of any size. Even if the fire is small, it can spread quickly.
  • Even if you have extinguished the fire. The fire department will ensure the fire is out.
  • You smell smoke or gas.
  • Large fuel spills.

Call 911, for police:

  • Imminent threats such as an active assailant or person with a weapon.

YYC’s Emergency Response team is here to ensure all Transport Canada Regulations are met. This includes conducting full-scale and tabletop exercises annually. In addition, we continue to create awareness about calling 911 through refresher training provided to the airport community through various channels such as virtual training, the Terminal Operations Committee (TOC) and classroom training.

If you don’t know, ask. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Stay tuned this week to hear from our contracted fire services, Pro-tec and our in-terminal police services, Calgary Police Services.

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