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What's Going On

What's going on out there?
TeamYYC Admin

What's going on out there?

If you've ever walked through the connection corridor, or near Concourses B and C you've probably noticed the pavement restoration work that's occuring on Apron I. 

What's going on out there?

  1. Restoring pavement on our apron for safe, reliable operations
  2. Recycling concrete to be used in other construction projects
  3. Donating pavement panels for emergency services training (Canada Task Force 2)
  4. Paving the way for the future with carbon capture technology

By the numbers:

  • We’re replacing 320 panels
  • Most of them are 1975 vintage
  • Each panel weighs 11,400 kgs / 25,000 lbs
  • Work will be complete in July 2022
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