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Reminder - Mock Emergency Exercise Tomorrow
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Reminder - Mock Emergency Exercise Tomorrow

A reminder that Exercise Aurora will be held tomorrow, September 14. We have publicly announced the exercise through a media release and will not be accommodating media onsite for the day.

  • The exercise has been designed to minimize the impact on regular operations.
  • However, throughout the exercise, you may see and hear:
    • Volunteers acting in different roles
    • Additional emergency vehicles driving into YYC and on the airfield
    • CFD, EMS, and CPS will be stage at Response Gate West, located at the Airside Maintenance Centre.
    • The Airside portion of the exercise will take place on RWY 08/26.

We ask that Team YYC maintain a safe distance from emergency responders and continue to focus on day-to-day matters. We will not be initiating any alarms in the terminal for the simulated event. Therefore, if you hear alarms, please follow the appropriate process. Follow us on Twitter @FlyYYC #YYCEMERGEX for updates.

Check back later this week to find out how the exercise went and what it looked like, captured in photos and a summary.

For frequently asked questions, see below.

To read the full media release, visit > Media > News Releases

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the exercise involve?
The full-scale scenario will involve a simulated crash landing that will see first responders attending to an aircraft with volunteers playing injured passengers. Volunteer actors playing the role of distressed passengers, family, and friends will also test customer-facing teams in the terminal.

When was the last time YYC held an emergency exercise in person?
The emergency exercise is the first one held in person since 2019’s Exercise Rolling Thunder.

What lessons did YYC take away from the exercise?
Post-incident evaluations show that experience gained during emergency exercises is the best way to prepare teams to respond effectively to a real-life emergency.

The exercise enhanced the airport community’s knowledge of its plans, allowed participants to improve their own performance and better prepare for real events. It allowed for teams to clarify roles and responsibilities while gaining participant feedback and recommendation for program improvement.

Can guests see the exercise from the concourses (other locations)?
Guests may see emergency vehicles surrounding the training aircraft while they are landing or taxiing to their gate.

Can media see the exercise from anywhere outside?
Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend a viewing spot. It may be visible from McCall Way but stopping there is not permitted.  

Will the exercise delay my flight?
No, the exercise will not delay your flight. The Authority and its partners have well-planned the exercise to ensure it has minimal impact on our operation and no impact to our airline partners’ schedules.

Will I see smoke, fire or people with injuries?
No, you will not see smoke or fire. You may see actors playing the role of injured passengers.

Will I hear sirens or alarms?
No, you will not hear sirens or alarms. The exercise has been carefully staged with responders prepared to be escorted on to the airfield.

Do I need to evacuate the area?
We will not be initiating any alarms in the Terminal for the simulated event. Alarms in the terminal are not part of the exercise. Therefore, if you hear alarms, follow the direction of PA Announcements and airport personnel.

How will I know when the event is started, in progress or ended?
Follow our hashtag on Twitter, #YYCEMERGEX, for updates.

How often do emergencies happen at YYC?
We haven’t seen a flight with passenger injuries since 2015 when an Air Canada flight was diverted to YYC after experiencing turbulence.

However, we have full-time emergency responders on-site who regularly monitor and attend situations to ensure we have a rapid response time.

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