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White Hat Volunteer Services
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White Hat Volunteer Services

In addition to our traditional White Hat Ceremony for guests, we have now formalized the Meet & Assist program for our guests travelling through YYC.

Designed for the traveller who may need a little extra assistance with navigation of YYC, White Hat Volunteers are available to meet travellers and assist them throughout the airport to help reduce the stress and anxiety of air travel (with the exception of security and customs).

“We saw a great opportunity to step up our ‘Meet and Assist’ program by offering personalized navigation to guests arriving, connecting and departing. Airports can cause a lot of anxiety for travellers - our amazing White Hat Volunteers can help make the journey effortless and memorable,” said Debbie Stahl, Director, Customer Care.

The White Hat Volunteers are a staple of providing an exceptional experience and this addition will leave a lasting memory as part of their remarkable journey through YYC. Our White Hat Volunteers are a true testament to Calgary’s warm western hospitality. Since 1991 the White Hat Volunteers have greeted travellers from around the world with a smile and now they have even more services to offer.

For more information on this new service be sure to check out the White Hat Volunteer Services page on yyc.com here.

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