Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Mezzanine Screens

We are excited to provide a powerful communication tool to assist in the timely delivery of important information to the greater airport community – Team YYC.

There are four LCD screens strategically located on the Mezzanine level.  These screens are meant to provide a brief summary of items of interest to Team YYC with instructions to visit for further information if applicable.  Please note that your submission needs to be directed toward and relevant to members of Team YYC.  Advertising only messages will not be posted as there are other opportunities for general advertising within the terminal.  

Additionally, messaging can appear for a maximum of two months.

Should you wish to submit information for display, the following information is required.  

Program Policies and procedures

Control and management of the content management system lies with the Community Engagement team (Community & Stakeholder Relations Department) of The Calgary Airport Authority.

Other Authority Departments and Airport Partners are welcomed and encouraged to use these screens to communicate information relevant to “Team YYC” (defined as ALL airport employees).  The following guidelines are to be followed when developing creative for submission and approval.

  1. Content must be specifically directed toward and relevant to Team YYC.
  2. Retail/tenant promotions are allowed but messaging must be specific to airport employees; rather than a generic advertisement.
  3. The Team YYC website address and the Airport’s social callouts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles) is part of the graphic standards and will appear at the bottom of each submission.
  4. Before activation, all content will require approval (Peggy Blacklock or designate).
  5. The Community Engagement team is NOT responsible for creating messaging and supporting graphics; however, will assist with guidance and/or direction when needed.

Submission Form